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The Industry Leader


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Preferred Glass Machinery specializes in selling glass equipment exclusively with the Accurate brand. We have many years of experience in the glass industry and are proactive in staying current with the latest industry trends and innovations. We are committed to your success and can help with every aspect of your operation.

•Improving your plant layout with new equipment

•High performance machines to solve your production needs

•Providing the best new equipment components in the industry

We have the expertise and positioning to enhance the efficiency of your operation and strengthen your company.

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Our Company Helps You Qualify for Section 179 

Our associates can help you with Section 179 qualification. This deduction can significantly reduce your tax burden and enable you to immediately write off nearly $1 million.  You can qualify for this deduction if you buy, finance, or lease, which brings many advantages over the more common five-year depreciation cycle. Our associates can help you take advantage of this special rule for offsetting new equipment costs. Call us today, and one of our associates will be happy to explain how you can benefit from Section 179 and lead you through the application process.

Preferred Glass Machinery Can Help With Your Plant Layout

Our expert team of specialists can help your glass manufacturing facility work with greater efficiency; whether you work with flat glass, laminated glass, or other custom shapes, we have a workflow that works for you.  Our factory layout process promises the following: Total optimization to ensure a clean and thorough process  increased productivity Maximum profit potential  An organized workspace easy to keep clean A safe workplace to ensure your operators are priority one  Detailed factory planning to optimize and direct foot traffic away from key areas

We can help with financing

Preferred Glass Machinery's financing options help business owners acquire the equipment they need. Our financing partners outperform your bank because of our understanding of the glass industry.  Our associates can also counsel you on obtaining new equipment loans at rates as low as four percent. Our staff includes an experienced finance team with multiple strategies for gaining approval from various lenders and offers. We can help you choose the offer that best meets your needs.