Preferred Glass Machinery - About Us

Our Mission 

Preferred Glass Machinery is an experienced company that exclusively sells the Accurate line of new Glass Machines. Our goal is to position you as a leader in the glass industry through amazing equipment and improved efficiency.

We strive to sell top-quality Accurate equipment and have an excellent service record. We have long-standing relationships with a wide range of fabricators and window companies throughout US and Canada.

We are here to help improve every aspect of your operation. Our goal is to help you determine the optimal physical and logistical layout for maximum production efficiency and workflow rhythm.

We take pride in our long track record of superior service in the glass industry and keeping current with the latest industry developments to meet our customers’ needs.

Our Vision

Preferred Glass Machinery is committed to providing the best, most comprehensive equipment and technical support in the glass fabrication industry.

Our extensive experience and superior standards allow us to help our partners and clients improve every aspect of their operations, and grow their businesses. We can collaborate and grow together!

We settle for nothing less than delivering top-quality equipment and services. We build strong relationships with our clients and leave a positive impact on every company we work with.

If you need help with your glass production lines, our team of specialists will help establish you as a leader in the glass industry.