Washing Machines

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For sheets that will be assembled into insulated glass windows, there may be no machine so apparently simple, but so crucial to the success of the final product as the glass washing machine. Proper cleanliness ensures good sealing, inhibits spacer corrosion, and prevents customer complaints about unremovable thumbprints in their field of view.

A good washing machine has non-abrasive loading and unloading conveyors rollers, a good supply of deionized water for the prewash and wash sections, sufficient water flow to transport debris and oil off the glass under the action of sprayers and brushes, and an air knife drying section to get the water off the glass fast to prevent spotting.

The choice of a horizontal or vertical washer depends mainly on available floor space and on the glass handling orientation leading to the washing machine. Preferred Glass Machinery carries both types of glass washing machines.